Foggy day

There’s something about fog that I absolutely love.  The interest fog adds to an image is eerie and mysterious… On a super foggy day I want to go out and get lost in it …(with my camera and a willing subject of course). On this particular day, Londyn was my muse. It was a little chilly but we were pretty quick to shoot and I got my fix in. Although, if I remember correctly, this wasn’t even the thick of it, it was already starting to lift quite a bit while we were shooting.  Let me also add that this set of images were from over a year ago and I’m just now editing/posting them. (boo)  I MUST get better at not tabling all my personal work. This stuff is what inspires me, its the art that I crave and want to learn more about. Staying inspired is so important to keep growing as an artist, hopefully I can make more time for shoots like this in the near future and more time to edit them. These are just a few from our little photoshoot in the fog, I have so many others I want to add though. (eventually).