Aubree’s 1 year session and cake smash!

I’m a little sad to see this one turn one! Even though I know mom will definitely be back for more pictures, it’s usually not as often after the big one year mark.

I really have become quite fond of this family, and would even go so far as to call them friends! I do feel like I develop a sort of friendship with some of my regular clients that come back over and over, and I know the rule of thumb is to keep business and friendship separate, but in some cases that just isn’t possible. When someone chooses you to capture those fleeting moments in their life they call memories, you have to get to know them. Especially when they come back to you again and again. When they feel truly comfortable with you, then that is when their personalities shine through and you get the “real” moments…. and with this family, I can’t help but feel very thankful that I’ve met them. Thank you for sharing you little girls first year with me “M” family! Here is a look back….

no she was not supposed to be standing on the chair… not safe and mom was probably sweating, but I had to snap it anyway… too cute!

Ok, let me just say that this was one of the best cake smashes ever! Mainly because most babies will cry when they get the frosting on their hands since they aren’t used to getting all messy, which is totally cute too, but Aubree?  She was soooo into it! As soon as she saw that cake? …. face first within seconds. She was all smiles and having a blast the whole time.  Having a job that makes me smile like this so often brings me so much joy it’s beyond words. I feel incredibly blessed.