Waterfall Wedding in Hocking Hills Ohio {Southeast Michigan Wedding Photographer}

This wedding I luckily stumbled upon through a friend I’ve known for a few years now. We met at a Tastefully Simple party and started talking about our love for photography and clicked right away. Within a week or two we ventured out to Canada, (back when you didn’t need a passport to go over) to take some cityscape pictures of Detroit. This was back when I still had a point and shoot camera before I got my first SLR! Somehow we’ve managed to stay in contact and that’s where facebook plays a good part! When she came to one of my last open houses for Tastefully Simple she said she was getting married and showed me the Oh so gorgeous ring and right away I asked “do you have a photographer?” Didn’t even blink that I would have to drive 4 hours to the wedding the night before and then drive 4 hours back after the ceremony for the reception that was back home. It’s kind of a long day… but once you see the scenery you will understand why I could not pass this up 🙂 I feel so honored that you chose me to capture one of the most special moments in your life. Congratulations Josh & Paula!