I was going through some of my old personal pictures the other day and realized that I have sooo many images on my hard drives that I’ve never even done anything with. So ironic… lol, here I am a photographer, yet I don’t have very many pictures of my own printed or displayed in my home. Half of the time, our photo sessions are a bit of a rushed ordeal in which neither of my kids are very “put together” and usually ends with some kind of bribery or child melting down… You get the point… I get so caught up with delivering other people’s photos that my own personal photos tend to get forgotten about or I just plain don’t feel like it.  I’m sure some of you other photographers out there can relate!

Anyways, the point of this post is that this was one of the rare times I grabbed up my camera for fun (not posed shots) to document a special time. This was a couple years ago when Londyn was 4, she was only in preschool part time and big sister was in school all day, so the days Londyn was home with me we got to have our special mommy daughter time. Oh how I miss those days so much! (tear) On this day, she wanted to paint. Such a sweet little artist she is, and I think it’s cute she’s wearing her big sister’s home depot apron 🙂